Dacon Achieves Accreditation for Global Wind Organization Basic Safety Training

GWO Training
With the rapid growth and continued expansion of renewable energies Dacon Inspection Services are taking steps to position themselves as the Asia Region’s leading provider of Wind Turbine Repair and Maintenance services.

There are 2 elements to the services that Dacon can offer to this industry globally:
– GWO BST and Certification of Inspectors
– Inspection, Repair and Maintenance

The recognized industry body for the Safety in the Wind Turbine Industry is the Global Wind Organization (GWO) and this organization deals with all elements of the safe and efficient operation of wind turbines. 

Training and Certification of Inspectors

Wind turbines are large structures reaching great heights. They are inherently dangerous working environments and stringent safety measures must be adopted especially in relation to working at height.

Dacon is already a leading specialist in Rope Access Inspections and is an accredited  IRATA rope access training center. It was therefore a natural extension of our core capability to become certified as trainers for GWO certification as this involves many aspects of working at height with rope access.

Having completed rigorous training and a meticulous auditing process Dacon is now a certified GWO training center and can train personnel in the BST and operating requirements for working on wind turbines. To date we have already completed on site training of Siemens personnel in Thailand and expect to expand the program throughout their operational base in Asia.

Inspection Repair and Maintenance of Wind Turbines

Wind Turbine Blades must be kept free of any damage or fouling. Even small changes to the profile of the blades can cause the turbine to lose efficiency and productivity. Therefore, routine inspection, maintenance and repair is a crucial element in the operation of wind farms.

Specialized qualifications are required in order to be able to carry out these programs and Dacon now has the capability to complete inspection, maintenance and repair programs in accordance with specified blade maintenance and repair standards and expect to complete the first jobs within the second quarter of 2018.

The Benefits to Dacon of Developing this Capability.

Wind Farms are an increasingly important part of renewable energy strategies globally. Dacon now has the ability to participate in this growth story whilst increasing the diversification of its service line to buffer against fluctuations in other market sectors such as oil and gas production. Revenues are expected to increase as more wind farms come on-line and governments increase their drive towards sustainable energy.

Who Are Dacon Inspection Services

Dacon is an Inspection and Technology Service company based out of the Eastern Seaboard of Thailand. As a multinational company with over 300 highly skilled technicians, the company provides services to major oil and energy companies globally.

With a strong focus on Research & Development of new technologies for the Oil and Gas sector, primarily within advanced pipeline inspections, as well as in renewable energy industries, the company aims to further fuel its global expansion through an IPO and listing on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) in 2018.