Dacon Supports Taem-khaun-Pann-Nong 17th

Recently, Dacon Inspection Services Co, Ltd together with Thai Post Newspaper and other private agencies created the “Taem-Khun-Pann-Nong 17th” project which aims to improve Bann-Tia-Khok-Rang School (Branch Ban Nong Hin Samakkee) located at Thepsathit district, Chaiyaphum province.

This little remote school consists of only one building and currently inhabits 1 teacher and 22 students, of which most come from a small nearby village. The project aims to create a healthy learning environment and better quality of life for students and teacher through renovating the building, repairing the classroom and improving the electrical system of the school building as well as re-painting the school.

The volunteers working on this project were happy to sacrifice their time and money and feel good to be able to contribute to society by helping improve schools with limited financial capabilities year in and year out.

“Taem-Khun-Pann-Nong” is one of many projects which Dacon aims to support in the future. Dacon have already aided other schools with similar projects in the past and aim to donate to schools in remote areas annually to promote and support educational opportunities for the future of Thai children.