Dacon Highlights Rope Access Instead of Scaffolding or Cranes


In todays’ world environmental awareness is an important issue for every business and technologies and operation procedures are being developed with both a concern for safety and the environment. Most companies in the oil and gas industry are aware of these issues and implement safety solutions with minimal environmental impact to their operations.

Dacon Inspection Services recently completed an inspection project involving rope access for an oil refining company in Thailand. The scope of work included pipe support welding and the installation and inspection of a fire extinguishing system around a 15 meter high aboveground storage tank with a 98 meter diameter. Typically, this inspection process is resource-intensive requiring a large number of inspectors and equipment, such as cranes, scaffolding as well as 90 days of operation at the least. However, Dacon Inspection Services chose rope access inspection as the preferred method for easy implementation and to reduce environmental effects to a minimum.


Prior to the inspection operation, Dacon’s Rope Access expert team including inspectors certified in 3G welding by the Department of Skill Development Thailand team and a NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) certified team, had surveyed the area and planned the work schedule. Inspectors then evaluated and tested various inspection methods at Dacon’s Rope Access Training Center to determine the most effective method for saving time and cost, improving safety, and preserving the environment.

In the past, pipe supports and other tools needed to be welded with the tank, had to be lifted by cranes. Cranes however not only have limited access and are therefore often unusable in confined spaces, but also emit exhausts which affect the environment. Therefore, instead of using cranes and scaffolding Dacon Inspection Services specializes on rope access in accordance with IRATA international standards, which is often faster and more convenient to implement than other inspection methods. As a result the job was completed within 20 days using only 14 rope access inspectors, much to the delight of the client who was pleased to see considerable savings in time and money compared to previous inspection projects. Dacon Inspection Services is convinced that rope access inspection will become the standard inspection technique for working at height in the future, eventually replacing cranes and scaffolding.

For additional information about Dacon’s rope access services please send an inquiry to info@dacon-inspection.com or through our contact page.