Dacon holds Long Range Ultrasonic Testing Showcase

Dacon launch Long Range Ultrasonic Testing

Dacon recently held a Long Range UT Grand Opening event to showcase it’s latest inspection technology.

The Grand Opening was attended by about 100 of Dacon’s clients and representatives of Thailand’s major refining and petrochemical companies such as IRPC, PTT GC, PTT PLS, PTT PLC, PTT GSP, PTT PLC, PTT MCC, PTT ME, Map Ta Phut Tank Terminal, Map Ta Phut Olefins Company, SCG Dow, BLCP Power Station, TPT Petrochemicals and SNU Supply & Service.

The showcase event kicked off with an opening speech by Timothy Neil Shaw, Chief Marketing Officer of Dacon Inspection Services in which he emphasized “We are constantly striving to developing and improving our services through innovations in inspection technology. Our investments in LRUT equipment and training are testimony to our ongoing commitment to supporting client needs. We are now the only inspection company in Thailand with it’s own LRUT equipment and inspector base.”

The event, which featured a Long Range UT demonstration, was well received by clients and industry insiders alike. LRUT is an advanced technology for detecting and analyzing corrosion where access is difficult and allows scanning of large areas of pipeline surface from a single inspection point. Large areas of coverage from a single “shot” mean it is faster and more efficient than conventional Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement methods. LRUT can be applied to many different pipe types, pipe coatings, pipe materials and pipeline situations.

Beside Long Range UT, Dacon was proud to present advancements in technology such as:

Corrosion Under Support – A technology to identify corrosion at pipeline support areas.

Eddy Current Array Testing – Specialized surface and tube scanning inspection technique.

Dacon Inspection Integrity – Asset management program that ensures maximum safety, high reliability and technical integrity in combination with regulatory compliance.

Dacon Training Institute – Provides inspection training by highly qualified and experienced teachers.

Dacon Trading – Focusses on providing top quality and safety-approved lighting instruments, protector cases and rope access gear to industry professionals.