Dacon Expands lifting equipment inspection market

Lifting Equipment Inspection

Dacon Inspection Services Company Limited has expanded in to the Lifting Equipment Inspection Services market and is now a member of The Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA). LEEA has established itself as the leading global representative body for all of those involved in the lifting industry worldwide. As a LEEA member with certified LEEA inspectors, Dacon Inspection Services Co., Ltd carries out its inspections to the highest standard including both local and international regulations.

Dacon provides a wide variety of different Lifting Equipment Inspection Services including visual examination, dimensional examination, functional or operational testing, ‘open-up’ examination, thorough examinations, electrical testing and examination, non-destructive inspection (NDT) and load testing. Dacon's inspection services covers all types of general and specialist lifting equipment’s including cranes, workplace passenger lifts, goods lifts, construction hoists, Scissors lifts, Telehandlers, industrial lift trucks and all lifting accessories such as slings, hooks, shackles, eyebolts, ropes used for climbing or work positioning.

After the completion of the inspection, Dacon will report the results through the LEEA and industry driven approved reporting formats including the issuance of a thorough examination certification.

Dacon believes that its clients can benefit greatly from this internationally recognized service and will allow for increased performance and extended life of their equipment as well as importantly ensuring safety and quality which in turn reduces risks to customers and saves long term costs for customers.