Exciting new international Rope Access projects for Dacon at Bangladesh

Dacon Inspection Services as the leader of inspection and engineering services recently got an exciting project for challenging international projects in Bangladesh.

This project to be undertaken in Bangladesh were remote flare inspections. This involved carrying out a full structural assessment of the 60m flare stacks including a Close Visual Inspection (CVI) of the flare tip, Ultrasonic Thickness Measurements (UTM) in accordance with API 570 and a full inspection of all the ancillary components including the guy wires and igniter system.

The most challenging aspect of this project was access; the flare’s remote locations coupled with its lack of access ladders or walkways meant that the project had to be undertaken by Dacon’s IRATA qualified rope access department.

As the first IRATA Full Member (Operating & Training) Company in Thailand, Dacon Inspection Services were able to call upon an experienced team of highly trained rope access personnel who established a detailed method statement and rescue plan, that allowed them to carry out this complicated project without any issues.

In addition to the Flare inspections Dacon Inspection Services carried out multiple tank inspections in accordance with API 653. Our experienced team of qualified inspectors carried out the tank inspections utilizing the latest MFL scanners and site survey equipment. This equipment combined with the vast experience of the API Tank Team ensured that the client received a timely and accurate assessment of their storage tanks.