Team Dacon VS Team Bangchak Relationship-building Football Match

After the completion of a major Turn around project, Bangchak Petroleum BCL recently held a relationship-building event in form of a football match with Dacon Inspection Services Co, Ltd.. Team Dacon consisted of about 30 inspectors responsible for heat exchanger, air fin, column and drum inspection.

Under this shutdown project, almost 200 pieces of equipment were inspected thoroughly and to the clients fullest satisfaction. During the football match, players on both sides were enjoying themselves to the fullest with their supporters creating a pleasant and competitive atmosphere.

After an engaging encounter it was team Bangchak who came out victorious with the final score standing at 3-0. After the match the players and supporters of both teams came together to close the evening with a dinner in relaxed atmosphere, showing that friendship and fun are more important than championships.

In the picture: Team Dacon (Blue), Team Ban Chak (Red) and their supporters posing after the football match