Dacon vs Ban Chang Star Anti-Drug Football Match

Under the “White Factory” campaign, Dacon recently held an “Anti-drug” football match between Dacon and Ban Chang Star team. Its objective is to create awareness of drug disadvantage and avoid it by good sport activity. This football match creates friendship and strengthened relationship between Dacon staff and people in Ban Chang community. This fun game bring cheering and happiness to all football players and their support team. Ban Chang Star team start breaking the egg and took the lead at first, with the Dacon team trying hard to equal the score. The supporters of both teams created a great and competitive atmosphere. In the end Dacon team was beaten by Ban Chang Star team with a 9-4 score. After the match all players and supporter team enjoyed having dinner together. Friendship and fun is more important than the championship.

In pictures: Dacon team (Blue), Ban Chang Star team (Red) and supporters posing for pictures after the end of the match.