Dacon Attends “Viptel Fastest Maintenance Winning Innovation” Seminar


Recently, Dacon Inspection Services joined the “Viptel Fastest Maintenance Winning Innovation” seminar at Bangpakong Riverside Country Club, Chachoengsao. As one of the leading companies specialized in pipeline services in South East Asia, Dacon Inspection Services presented intelligent inspection technologies and other inspection techniques in order to offer the right solutions matching with clients’ requirements.

For more than 20 years Dacon has succeeded in delivering engineering inspection services to major companies in Thailand and other countries around the world. With effective inspection tools and modern technologies, Dacon Inspection Services is able to inspect a wide ranges of assets and assess their integrity. Moreover, it is another option of cost saving by reducing maintenance cost and preventing emergency shutdown. Dacon Inspection Services determines to develop services and provide quality inspection in order to help clients reduce costs. In this seminar, various inspection innovations were presented and recommended to participants including:

– Intelligence Pigging
– Long Range Ultrasonic Testing (LRUT)
– Eddy Current Array Testing
– Corrosion Under Support (CuS)
– Boiler Inspection
– Crane Inspection

With comprehensive inspection technologies, Dacon Inspection Services was able to accept all requirements of clients, from refineries, petrochemicals, food and beverage industries, participating in this seminar. In addition, we also received insightful information about the problems directly from the participant.

Dacon Inspection Services hopes our inspection technologies can offer a sustainability to the organizations of the participants.