Dacon Support “Taem-khaun-Pann-Nong 16th”

Recently Dacon Inspection Services Company Limited Enjoyed a fun packed day with the rebuilding activity’s at “Taem-Khun-Pann-Nong 16th” project to improve Bann-Noen-Pha-Yom school, Bueng Na Khon, Hua Hin district, Prachuabkhirikhan. Along with Thai post newspaper and other private companies around Thailand funding was made to improve the school. This was achieved by repairing damaged ceilings, supplying 60 new tables and repainting of the canteen area, solar power building and kid’s playground. There was also enough left over to purchase the essentials the school needed like pens, pencils, notebooks, new uniforms and shoes for the children who attend the school.

“Taem-Khun-Pann-Nong” is one of many projects which Dacon aim to participate in the future. Dacon have already aided with similar projects in the past and aim to donate to schools in the backcountry annually to promote and support educational opportunities for the future of Thai children.