Dacon successfully inspected exchanger tube in Central Asia

Dacon Inspection Services has successfully inspected the Exchanger tubes of an ethylene cracker furnace in Central Asia for a petrochemical facility. There were 24 tubes in total; with a 4 inch Diameter and 15 meters long in a vertical orientation.

Dacon used its single body 4 inch UT Riser Assessment Tool, hooked with a guy wire from a manual winch. Ensuring a constant speed of winding it was able to collect excellent and consistent data.

These tubes were critical for the safe operation of the furnace, the inspection results revealed severe corrosion in the firebox section that were immediately cut and replaced ensuring safe operation of the facility.

The job was completed within the strict time schedule working 24 hours split in to 2 separate shift patterns.

In addition to this Dacon will be inspecting the radiation and convection section of this furnace at the next turn around opportunity using its state of art UT multichannel tool.