Dacon hosts knowledge sharing seminar with key client BLCP

BLCP Knowledge Sharing 01

Dacon Inspection Services Company Limited, organized the ‘Dacon Knowledge Sharing Seminar’ to share knowledge about engineering inspections to a selection of distinguished guests from BLCP Power Limited customers at the Turbine room. Its contents included Ultrasonic Testing inspection (UT), Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement inspection (UTM) Magnetic Particle Testing inspection (MT), Penetrant Testing (PT), Visual inspection Testing (VT) and Long Range guided wave Ultrasonic testing inspection (LRUT). The purpose of the event was to enhance the understanding of various types of Non Destructive Testing (NDT) for the guests and to encourage open discussions amongst the group.

This allowed the speaker to share not only the theoretical knowledge but also use their real life case studies and experiences.

BLCP Knowledge Sharing 02
Those in attendance were very interested in each of the topics, engaging in a lively and friendly discussion and exchange in knowledge, ideas and information. This event will hopefully encourage future knowledge sharing events and continue to expand the expertise of all of those involved.