Dacon launches e-commerce site


Dacon Inspection Services recently launched the e-commerce website toughgearshop.com.

The Online store is operated by Dacon Trading, a division of Dacon Inspection Services Co., Ltd. and is available in English and Thai, offering a variety of payment options for fast and easy ordering.

The main purpose of the website is to provide a new sales channel for Dacon’s trading division, through which Dacon will distribute equipment suitable for the extreme demands of industrial work in both the onshore and offshore environments.

As the name suggests the websites focus is on tough gear, products that are highly durable and able to endure physical strain, extreme weather conditions and daily use in physically demanding work environments. Most of the products featured on the website are waterproof, explosion proof and crush proof making them virtually indestructible and ideal for outdoor and adventure activities.

ToughGear is distributor in Thailand for the following brands:

Pelican : Pelican is the global leader in the design and manufacture of both advanced portable lighting systems and high-performance case solutions. The products are used by professionals in the most demanding markets including industrial, law enforcement, rescue, military and aerospace. All Pelican products are made in the US and built to last a lifetime.

SKYLOTEC : Since 1947 SKYLOTEC has built a reputation for maximum “Made in Germany” safety and quality. As a market leader in the field of fall protection, SKYLOTEC is always one step ahead when it comes to height safety innovation and technology. Since 2008 the expertise from the industry part is also applied to alpine sports where SKYLOTEC offers secure, innovative and reliable equipment. As a result, SKYLOTEC products are particularly popular with professionals working at heights as well as climbers and mountaineers of all levels.

With it’s range of high quality products toughgearshop.com will appeal to Industry professionals, active outdoor enthusiasts and thrill seekers alike who are looking to improve personal safety at work and at play.