Dacon introduces Lifting Equipment Inspection Database

Dacon Inspection Service recently expanded their list of database solutions by adding a Lifting Gear Inspection Database.

As the management of a large amount of lifting equipment is a challenging task, the main purpose of the database is to allow it’s users to see exactly what condition their equipment is. This is crucial in avoiding accidents or injuries that can occur from using damaged or unsafe equipment.

Dacon’s lifting equipment database has been designed to record inspection information in a snapshot summary to allow users to manage their lifting equipment inspection and maintenance programs on the fly.

The database, which can be accessed from anywhere and anytime, enables it’s users to quickly and easily see the overall condition of lifting equipment and even allows forecasting when the next inspections are due. Users also have access to results from previously completed inspections and corrective actions taken in the past.

Using the collected inspection data the system can calculate the next inspection date based on the standards an organization works under thus saving considerable amounts of time and money in maintenance planning.

The database can accommodate all types of lifting equipment including beams, pad eyes, slings, winches, chains, shackles, hooks and all other associated equipment and tackle.
Customers who want to test the database, can do this through Dacon’s website where a dummy version is readily available. Click here to access the dummy version of Dacon’s new lifting equipment inspection database and see how the system looks and feels.