Dacon innovation leads to success in Thai Pipeline Inspection


Just how big is a 40” Pipeline Inspection tool? Bigger than you might expect, much bigger. Standing at nearly 2 meters tall with a circumference of 3.2 meters and weighing in at over 600kgs these types of tools need to be individually built and tailored for specific inspection projects.

Dacon Inspection Services recently developed and built a 40” pipeline inspection tool for Thailand’s largest oil refining company, Thai Oil. The tool was designed to precisely measure internal and external corrosion in a crude oil transfer pipeline as well as map out the geometry of the pipeline as it travels 4kms over the seabed some 27 meters below the ocean surface.

Dacon Inspection Services is a Thailand based Inspection company with many years of experience in similar work and was trusted with this complex and challenging task. Using our team of research and development experts and in-house engineering capabilities along with experienced inspection personnel we successfully completed the work scope and gave the customer precise information on the condition and exact layout of their pipeline.

Inside the huge PIG (Pipeline Inspection Gauge) body is housed complex ultrasonic inspection technology that can take more than 1,600 measurements per second from a specialized rotating signal head. Alongside this is positioned an intricate Inertial Measurement Unit that maps out the tools movement relevant to the seabed so that inspection personnel can visualize exactly where and how the pipeline runs along the bottom of the ocean. To further add to the complexity an electronic tracking device is attached so that the tools location can be monitored at all times. All of this technology must then be powered by its own independent energy source using specialized battery packs.