“Dacon Innovation Showcase” Declared A Success By Clients


Dacon Inspection Services recently held a “Dacon Innovation Showcase” event to showcase its inspection technology to customers and industry professionals. Dacon focuses on the latest innovations in inspection technology in the fields of Conventional and Advanced NDT and it is important to share crucial learnings with our customers so that they can increase efficiency and quality in their inspection results and best ensure the integrity of their assets.


As well as new services such as IRATA Rope Access Training Dacon was proud to present advancements in technology such as:

Corrosion Under Support – A technology to inspect corrosion at pipeline support areas.
Baby Scar – Safer system of Radiography Testing that reduces the “safe zone” from 20 plus meters to just 2 meters.
Computed Radiography – A more cost effective and quicker method of processing and analyzing Radiography shots.
Floor Map Tank Scanning – Specialized tank floor scanner that has internal and external defect discrimination.

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With over 100 clients from the Oil & Gas, Refinery and Petrochemical industry including PTT, SCG, BLCP, HMC, Thai Oil, Purac, SPRC, and IRPC the event was declared a huge success by clients and industry insiders alike.

Dacon is committed to creating new technologies in Thailand and to training and developing the personnel required to build and use this innovative equipment.