Dacon Training Institute conducts specialized course in Mechanical Design for Pressure Vessels

Mechanical Design Basics

Recently Dacon Training institute organized a 5-day course in Mechanical Design Basics for Pressure Vessels and Piping for PTT Public Company Limited’s customers. Its objective was to understand the basics of mechanical design, Thickness Calculation for design conditions, Material properties for material selection, Type of Pressure Vessels, Fabrication and inspection Criteria, Nozzle connection reinforcement requirements, Wind and earthquake considerations, Applicable codes and standards (ASME, API, NACE, ANSI and etc.) Fluid categories, Concept of equipment/piping layouts and isometrics, simple expansion single loop calculations.

This course was performed by Teacher Mandar Mulay, Mechanical Design Specialist. After completing this course, participants were given a good idea and coverage all aspects of pressure vessel and piping design and drawing review. They understand the basic philosophy of design and also the point of co-ordinate with other disciplines such as structural, instrumentation and piping layouts.

Dacon Training Institute conducts training Engineering courses and customized courses according to the needs of the students. Anyone interested, please contact Khun Siraprapha Charoenwong Tel. 033-012-484 ext. 173