Dacon is full capacity and readiness for upcoming Shutdown & Turnaround


Dacon Inspection Services Company Limited recognized as a market leader of inspection industry, led by Mrs Mallika Kaekla, Chief Executive Officer, today public released the statement of full capacity and readiness for management to provide services towards the “Shutdown & Turnaround” Projects during the fourth quarter of the year 2016. Dacon to provide service to the multiple customers whose key palyers of leading industrial sector located in the Map Ta Phut Industrial Estate for instance primary chemical manufacturer, synthetic rubber manufacturer, thermoplastic manufacturer, initial raw materials for tyre to supply for intermediate and advance petrochemical industries.

Khun Mallika said, “Dacon is very high potential of manpower management equipped with experiences and sophisticated expertise of inspection engineers also availability of modern tools and up-to-date equipments with fully utilization to serve and meet the customer’s needs. The shutdown & turnaround project typically falling into the period of 1st and 4th quarter of each year. Dacon is very capable to manage the utmost of 6 shutdown and turnaround projects in a quarterly basis. Besides, the small to medium projects are demanding which allow Dacon to serve customer’s needs from time to time throughout the year. At Dacon, our Project Site Manager equipped with over 5-year experiences to manage the shutdown & turnaround project to monitor and take responsible for managing people upon the expertise of each method also utilize effectiveness of tools and equipments to align with the project duration. The desired target is to provide quality and timely inspection services in order to support smooth maintenance plan with highest efficiency to satisfy our customers to meet production plan as due.

Upcoming shutdown project in the fourth quarter of 2016 such as shutdown of manufacturers of initial chemical product for a period of 12 days starting from early November until early December by providing NDT inspecting service towards 50 equipment sets, Internal Rotating Inspection System (IRIS), Phased Array Ultrasonic testing ( PAUT), Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) and Replica by our 14 expertise inspection engineers.

Shutdowns of intermediate product for rubber manufacture for 15-day period in November also provide inspection services of Flare,Boiler,Underground Pipe,Dilution Steam Pipeline,Tank Inspection, Tube Inspection and Heat Exchanger by our 40-50 expertise inspection engineers.

Shutdowns of thermoplastics manufacture for 12-day period in November, provde NDT inspection services of equipments in the plant such as Silo, Piping, Rotary Dryer, consists of Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI), Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement (UTM), Penetrant (PT) Visual Inspection (VI) by our 25 expertise inspection engineers.

Turnaround project of synthetic rubber manufacturers for 20-day period strating mid-November until early of December, to provide inspection services over 70 heat exchanger units, over 20 column units, 40 pressure vessels (tube inspection) and 1 storage tank by our 40-50 expertise inspection engineers.

“Dacon is quite confident to our high capacity, people’s capability and ability to serve our customer’s needs with high efficientcy and effectiveness. We emphasize to quality focused as top priority. We also focus to enhance our people’s capability with competency development roadmap to support business growth in the near future.” concluded by Khun Mallika.