Dacon completes first live demonstration of 4” Ultrasonic Intelligent Pigging in Taiwan


Dacon Inspection Services has successfully demonstrated the performance of 4 inch Ultrasonic Intelligent Pigging at a test yard in Taiwan. The demonstration was witnessed by 28 representatives off 13 different petrochemical companies, who came to see this first time ever live demo of 4 inch UT intelligent Pigging in Taiwan.

Dacon in collaboration with its local representative Full Most Co. Ltd had constructed a 4 inch test loop and invited key personnel from various petrochemical companies to get an introduction to intelligent pipeline pigging.

and witness the performance of the tools used in this inspection technique. The test pipeline was fabricated with 3 external defects in different locations, sizes and shapes.

After the successful run of a 4 inch UT Intelligent pig, the data found in the process was instantaneously downloaded and projected for review by the event attendees. The group then focused on identifying and analysing all the defects found on the pipeline during the test run.

The event was successful in giving the attendees a clear understanding about the requirements and operations necessary to carry out UT intelligent pigging in pipelines.