Dacon demonstrates LRUT, UT Inline Inspection and IRM using Rope Access to Chevron regional representatives

Dacon Inspection Services Company Limited recently demonstrated Inline UT inspection, LRUT and IRM using Rope Access to Chevron regional team from Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand.

The event started with Long Range Ultrasonic Testing (LRUT), an advanced technology for detecting and analyzing corrosion in pipelines. Long Range Ultrasonic Testing can be performed on different sizes of pipeline ranging from 3 inches and above, the collar is mounted on the pipeline without the removal of protective coating and low frequency ultrasounds can be generated in the modules populated on the collar. The distance travel is dependent on many factors such as flange connections, T joint, bends, condition of pipeline, bitumen wrapping, soil compaction for buried pipeline etc.

Dacon also demonstrated the capabilities of Dacon’s UT Inline inspection tools on the same pipeline. Dacon has recently installed one of the world’s largest 4 inch test loops measuring approximately 450 meters long. The installation of which established it as a world class pipeline test yard and one of the leading facilities in the region. Dacon specializes in creating customized test loops as per the clients requirements allowing them to witness the tool capabilities, possibilities of tool passage and a sensitivity test for the tools. The results from the test run were immediately presented to the client and were verified by a line walk for the external defects and a camera system for the internal defects. Dacon is one of the few companies around the globe to provide instantaneous onsite data review after completion of the tool run.

Dacon demonstrated its capabilities utilizing Rope Access techniques; this included welding, blasting and painting using Rope Access as well as demonstrating a variety of Rope Access rescue capabilities, all of this was witnessed by Chevron Safety personnel. Dacon is one of the few IRATA operating and training companies in the region with a full capacity to support their customers for both inspection and maintenance requirements.

All types of inspection can be performed using rope access, providing huge time and cost savings to customers. Rope access has successfully been utilized throughout the oil and gas inspection sector for upwards of 27 years and has proven that no machine or cradle can efficiently and safely navigate a steel constructed site better than a rope access technician.

In addition to this Dacon also demonstrated the application and use of its in-house access netting. The netting was developed with a leading oil and gas industry operator for North application and can be used for a multitude of applications as a working platform to carry out inspections, repair and or maintenance activities. All materials are certified as per the specific requirements for the application and operate under SOFT / IRATA guidelines. The materials can be customized including additional UV and fire proofing as well as increased strength ratings and once installed will allow personnel to work on the net in only a working at height harness.