Dacon Completes Plant Shutdown Inspections

Dacon Inspection Services recently completed a comprehensive inspection package for a large Petrochemical plant in Map Tha Phut on Thailand’s Eastern Seaboard.

The shutdown was for a total period of 18 days, with Dacon Inspection Services taking only 12 days to complete its entire inspection work scope. The inspection teams were made up of over 50 specialist inspection personnel, with project management and oversight provided by Level III and API certified inspectors, working around the clock to ensure early completion.

The inspection packages included inspections of Reactor Vessels, Dryers, Boilers and Columns using Ultrasonic Thickness Measurements, Magnetic Particle Inspection, Remote Visual Inspection, Replica Testing and Hardness Testing. In addition over 10,000 heat exchanger tubes were tested using a combination of Eddy Current Testing and Super-IRIS techniques.

Dacon Inspection Services has been working together with this valued customer for many years and it is a testament to the quality of the inspection services and a strong working cooperation that ensures that the shut down work is completed on time and exceeding the client’s expectations.