Dacon Completes 6” & 4” Pipeline Inspections at Petrochemical Plant

Dacon Inspection Services recently completed Intelligent Pigging for a large Petrochemical plant in Map Tha Phut, Rayong, Thailand. The pipeline inspections project was planned for 45 days however Dacon completed the work ahead of schedule in just 25 days. The work scope included cleaning, gauging, intelligent pigging and associated mechanical works and was completed by a team of API certified inspectors with many years of experience in field operations.

The inspection packages included cleaning and inspections of 6” and 4” pipelines using Ultrasonic Intelligent Pigging to measure pipe wall thickness and metal loss by direct measurement of the thickness of the pipe wall. The advantage of Dacon’s UT Intelligent Pigs is the ability to provide a highly accurate value for local wall thickness whilst being lightweight, small and easy to mobilize. With such high accuracy ultrasonic tools can be used for comparing actual wall thickness with nominal wall thickness.

Dacon Inspection Services is Thailand’s only full scope Pipeline Inspection company and we are committed to providing the highest quality pipeline inspections at the most cost effective price to clients in Thailand and the broader Asia region. Record growth in the last 3 years proves testament to the quality of Dacons Pipeline Inspection Services and 2016 is shaping up to be a record year for Dacon’s Intelligent Pigging unit.


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