Dacon Releases 3D Visualization Software For Heat Exchanger Integrity Analysis

With ever changing demands for the ability to assess and ensure the integrity and fitness for purpose of critical equipment Dacon Inspection Services has created state of the art 3D visualization software for easy review and assessment of heat exchanger tube integrity.

This is a world leading development specially made at the request of Thailand’s huge Petrochemical industry (Map Ta Phut Industrial complex being the world’s 8th largest Petrochemical hub).

Using Dacons proprietary software enables the user to rotate the view and zoom into specific areas of interest as well as offering an overall snapshot viewpoint. With simple data analysis and real time perspectives the user can instantly visualize the condition of their heat exchangers and prepare maintenance and repair plans accordingly. Identifying corrosion patterns and trend analysis is greatly simplified leading to better decision making and increased reliability.

This ground breaking software now forms an integral part of Dacon’s Tube Inspection services and is part of Dacons drive for constant improvement through experience and innovation.


• 3D feature analysis.
• Zoom and rotation capability.
• “Exploded” view capability allows you to view all areas of the tube bundle.
• Customizable and easy to use.