12 Years of Successful Pipeline Inspections in Indonesia


Dacon Inspection Services recently completed yet another pipeline inspection project using Ultrasonic Intelligent Pigging for a mining company based in Indonesia. With a 12-year long inspection contract, the mining company is one of Dacon’s longest standing customers. The mining industry is considered to be one of Indonesia’s most important industrial sectors, with this mine being one of the world’s largest mining operations.

As part of the inspection project Dacon’s Pipeline Services twice yearly inspects several High Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE) Tailings pipelines, commonly used in Indonesia’s mining industry. The 3.5 km long pipelines with a 44” diameter and 100 mm wall thickness extends 130 meters deep into the sea. In order to internally inspect the pipeline, 3 Ultrasonic Intelligent Pigs are run through the same pipeline in 200 meter intervals. This process ensures the highest possible accuracy and most reliable inspection results, allowing the comparison of 3 different inspection reports. The purpose of using Ultrasonic Intelligent Pigging is to measure wall thickness, to inspect erosion both inside and outside the pipe, as well as to record significant information, such as pipeline length, ovality and other information as requested by the client.

Through 20 years of service, Dacon has successfully completed numerous pipeline inspection projects using Ultrasonic Intelligent Pigging worldwide. This has encouraged Dacon to expand their operations all over Asia, delivering high quality inspection services tailored to client’s needs and economic situation.

For more information about pipeline inspections in Indonesia, intelligent pigging and other pipeline inspection techniques please contact us at info@dacon-inspection.com