Dacon Operations Around the World

The Dacon Group operates a number of business entities in order to best serve our customer’s needs. Each entity serves a specific part of our overall market and complements our own operations and the products and services we provide.

Dacon Services AS Norway

Dacon was established in Norway in 1976 and our Norwegian entity focuses on providing inspection services and equipment to the North Sea oil and gas industry with more of an emphasis on equipment and products.

Dacon Inspection Services Singapore Pte Ltd.

Our Singapore office was established in 2012 and has gone from strength to strength in a short space of time. The Singapore office focuses on the full selection of Inspection services primarily servicing the large refinery and petrochemical industry as well as regional onshore and offshore opportunities.

Dacon Inspection Services Co., Ltd.

This is the entity that our main business operates under and delivers a large range of services and products around the world with a primary focus on Asia. This is the entity under which all of our Thailand operations are based.

Dacon Trading Co., Ltd

Dacon Trading was incorporated in 2006 to trade in petrochemical industry related maintenance and inspection products, as well as being an authorized agent for Pelican Industries commercial torches and heavy duty plastic cases.

Thai Wings Co., Ltd

In 2007 Dacon started a travel agency called Thai Wings specializing in commercial travel arrangements. Primarily intended to support our own companies extensive travel requirements the business has now grown to offer retail travel agency services.